The greatness of being a mother

There have been many titles I have been given over the years. But none mean more to me than Mother. Mother is the crown on my head. It is my most sacred duty. It is my purpose when I wake up in the morning. It is my charge throughout the day, and as I kissContinue reading “The greatness of being a mother”

Ten years a mother!

Ten years ago I became a mother for the first time. Ten years ago life as I knew it turned upside down and inside out and then flipped a few more times when we welcomed our first daughter home from the hospital.  I was thrust into a new role.  Nothing was the same. Life tookContinue reading “Ten years a mother!”

A Broken Mother’s Day

A Broken Mother’s Day To all the women who experience this day hurting and broken and alone. To all the women who parent alone with an absent spouse and carry all the weight of raising your children by yourself. To the single mothers who day in and day out get out of bed and serveContinue reading “A Broken Mother’s Day”

Crushing goals

2 years ago I wrote “Dare to Dream.” Today I write about Crushing goals! Two years ago I was unhappy.  Not like “having a bad day” unhappy.   I was deeply, emotionally unhappy.  I was missing joy in my life.  I was missing creativity.  I wasn’t sure who I was anymore or how exactly I hadContinue reading “Crushing goals”

Dare to dream again

Dare to dream again Once upon a time we were all dreamers.  From childhood we have been created to dream.  We dream of being astronauts, firefighters, scientists and ballet dancers.  We dream of being superheroes, world changers and race car drivers. Our dreams were big, larger than life but vivid and to our childhood selves,Continue reading “Dare to dream again”