A hard week

A good friend and I went out for coffee recently one evening to talk about life. And by coffee I mean she had tea and I had vodka and orange juice at a delightful local bistro which does serve coffee.  We have known each other for over ten years, so talking about the real stuffContinue reading “A hard week”

Choosing Vulnerability

I write about vulnerability and about being brave and choosing to go first. Vulnerability is my heart. I write about vulnerability because I am passionate about it.  I have found such a deep rooted joy come out of choosing to be vulnerable, of choosing to let myself be seen even when the outcome is unknownContinue reading “Choosing Vulnerability”


What does authenticity look like to you? I am a huge fan of being authentic in a culture that is so saturated with ‘ fake’, filters and edited photos. …That is so saturated with fake and unattainable. …That is so saturated with unrealistic expectations. This impacts us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.Continue reading “Authenticity”